Fill the tray with compost, lightly press and water Thoroughly with fine rose. Sow the seeds evenly, Cover with its own depth of compost. Press down lightly, then place out of direct sunlight until Seeds have germinated.


Spread the compost approximately 2 to 3 inches thick on all beds. This will help keep the ever demanding weeds down. The dark rich colour of the compost will show off your beds and make the plants stand out.

Potting and Cuttings

Place plant or cutting in a pot partly filled with compost then lighly press down. Finely water with a rose and place in warm water.


Spike the lawn. Spread the compost approximately 2 to 3 litres per square yard, Then finsih by brushing the compost into holes. This will help stop patches coming in your lawn. You should have a lovely even green lawn to be pround of when using feed.

Tubs and Window Boxes

Fill tubs and window boxes with compost then place in plants or bulbs, pack down lighly and finely water.

Thatcher Organic Compost 40L