Field & Trial Muesli Mix is a complete dog food based on a traditional mix of ingredients, specially developed and formulated to support dogs with a moderate to high activity level.  The mix of whole-wheat biscuits, cooked cereals and vegetables (maize, wheat flakes and peas) combined with beef-based protein pellets and all the essential oils, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, creates an interesting and palatable meal!  In addition, Muesli Mix is coated with glucose syrup which can help tempt the fussiest of feeder, as well as supply a useful source of immediate energy for dogs in moderate to hard work!

Top tip for using Field & Trial Muesli Mix

  • For working gundogs (and indeed any dog with a high activity level) that might be prone to fatigue towards the end of the day, provide a lunchtime “snack” of Field & Trial Muesli Mix. You can even add some warm water to the mix to help the hydration status of your dog and make the meal even more tempting!  This helps provide your dog with a nutritious fuel that he needs to remain active and can help maintain performance.

Why should you choose Muesli Mix?

  • An appetising mix of ingredients that can tempt even the fussiest of feeder
  • Coated in wheat glucose syrup which can help sustain activity levels in active dogs
  • A “traditional” style dog food that remains popular with both dogs and their people!
  • Muesli Mix is a complete food that provides all the nutrients your dog needs to be fit, happy and healthy

Which dogs is Muesli Mix suitable for?

  • Dogs that prefer a mixed ration or who are fussy feeders and tend to get bored of a single kibble shape and size
  • Active, working dogs who require a moderate level of protein and fat to support energetic output
    • g. herding dogs, working gundogs, sporting dogs
  • Any dog who might benefit from a mixed source of energy supplying nutrients
  • Dogs who might be prone to losing condition during periods of high activity


  • Protein pellets containing beef meat meal

  • Extruded wholewheat biscuits

  • Cooked flaked maize

  • Wheat glucose syrup

  • Baked wholewheat biscuits

  • Cooked flaked peas

  • Cooked wheatflakes

  • Oils

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals and trace elements.

We manufacture all our own products at our Mill in Suffolk. This means we have total control over every aspect of production from the sourcing of raw materials through to manufacture, distribution and most importantly quality control.

Skinners Field and Trial, Muesli Mix 15kg