Pure Easy provides slow-release energy for horses in work, but is low calorie so doesn’t encourage weight gain. It is high in fibre which helps support good hind gut health. It contains our premium balancer which means it comes fully loaded with every vitamin and mineral your horse needs, as well as pre and pro biotics and amino acids. With so much included in one bag, it really is great value when you break down the costs of buying these individual components separately.

Pure Easy is beneficial for many different horses. It is low in sugar and starch which makes it suitable for laminitics. The oil-based energy source delivers a low ration of calm calories which helps with the temperament of fizzy horses. And it is also one of our excellent options for good doers who do not need anything extra for maintaining condition.

Like our other feeds, Pure Easy provides all the nutrition your horse needs in one bag. This makes it super easy for you, or anyone else, to purchase the right feed and serve it to your horse. Pure Easy is the light green bag – simple as that.

Feeding rate:

400-600g per 100kg body weight per day depending on workload and body condition.

We recommend that you dampen well with water prior to feeding.

Pure Easy is available in 15kg bags.


Digestible Energy 8MJ/kg Vitamin B2 18mg/kg Copper 31mg/kg
Protein 10% Vitamin B6 18mg/kg Manganese 47mg/kg
Oil 6% Vitamin B12 0.08mg/kg Zinc 68mg/kg
Fibre 25% Vitamin C 12mg/kg Selenium 0.3mg/kg
Starch 5% Vitamin D3 2384iu/kg Iodine 0.6mg/kg
Naturally occurring sugar 3.5% Vitamin E 298.7mg/kg Salt 1%
Calcium 0.4% Vitamin K 3mg/kg Lysine 4.3g/kg
Phosphorus 0.15% Folic Acid 30mg/kg Methionine 1.2g/kg
Magnesium 1.3g/kg Biotin 4.5mg/kg Choline 30mg/kg
Vitamin A 11920iu/kg Niacin 83mg/kg Profeed 3g/kg
Vitamin B1 61mg/kg Naturally ocurring Iron 16.8mg/kg Brewers Yeast





  • Oatfeed Pellets
  • Grass Pellets
  • Pure Balance
  • Grass Chaff
  • Oatstraw Chaff
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Salt

Free from:

  • Molasses
  • Whole Grain Cereals
  • Alfalfa
  • Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS)

Pure Feed Pure Balance Horse Feed - 15kg

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