Heygates horse and pony nuts is a high fibre ration based on fresh bran products from the Heygates flour mills fortified with minerals and vitamins. Horse and pony nuts are a safe non heating diet for all horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate work.

Raw Materials:
Oatfeed, nutritionally improved straw, maize germ exp, limestone, vitamins and minerals, wheatfeed, sunflower extract, wheat flour, molasses, dried lucerne, calcium lignosulphate.

Oil - 3.00%
Protein - 11%
Fibre - 19%
Est DE 9.0 MJ/kg
Vitamin A - 10,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D3 - 2,000 iu/kg
Vitamin E - 60 mg/kg
Selenium - 0.1 mg/kg
Biotin - 100 mg/kg

Fully balanced vitamin, mineral and trace element profile.

Heygates Horse and Pony Nuts