t Aquarian, they understand the simple joys and relaxation of fishkeeping, for over 40 years Aquarian has supported families to provide the right care for their fish with a range of complete fish foods and water treatments helping you to care for your fish, both inside and out.

The formula of Aquarian Complete Nutrition Goldfish Food Flakes is specially created to provide a complete diet for goldfish and fancy goldfish, they are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help your goldfish maintain good health. This fish food formula is a complete diet to meet the nutritional requirements of all types of goldfish, including Shubunkins, Lionheads and Fantails, and is scientifically proven to help you have healthy and lively fish, additionally, these fish food flakes are suitable for small pond fish as well as aquarium goldfish. Aquarian Complete Nutrition Fish Food is formulated for all tropical and community fish including a variety of popular fish such as Cichlids, Goldfish, Tetra Fish, Betta Fish, Angelfish and more with high quality ingredients fish love such as algae, shrimp, worms and more. Feed twice a day, the amount your fish will consume in 5 minutes.

Suitable for all Goldfish including Shubunkins, Lionheads and Fantails and small pond fish

Aquarian Goldfish & Coldwater Flake Food 25g

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